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Leadership Secretariat Membership Employment Annual Report

BIAC Secretariat

Policy and Managerial Staff :

  Secretary General Bernhard Welschke
  Senior Policy Manager Hanni Rosenbaum
Senior Policy Manager Nicole Primmer
Policy Manager Jonathan Greenhill
Policy Manager Ali Karami-Ruiz
  Communications Manager Maud Garnier

Administrative Staff :

  Budget and Finance Marie-Therese Dos Reis
  Facilities Co-ordination & Website Salette Bellavoine
  Publications & Interns Recruitment Nathalie Mazier

Bernhard Welschke

(Germany), Mr. Welschke joined BIAC in April 2013. As BIAC’s new Secretary General, he is responsible for developing BIAC’s work programme, overseeing the operations of BIAC’s policy groups and maintaining a responsive, supportive and successful partnership with the OECD senior officials. Mr. Welschke holds a degree in economics (Diplom-Volkswirt) from the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).

 Hanni Rosenbaum

(Germany/France), joined BIAC in September 1997. She manages BIAC's activities in the areas of green growth, environmental policy, investment, bribery and corruption, corporate governance, chemicals and nanotechnology. She also assists the BIAC Secretary General with the BIAC Executive Board. Ms. Rosenbaum holds degrees in French and English from Cologne University, in applied economic sciences from the Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) in Brussels, and in international relations from the Centre for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies in Paris.

Nicole Primmer

(United States), came to BIAC in June 2000. She manages BIAC's activities in the area of taxation and fiscal policy, consumer policy, competition, information and communications policy, IPR, employment and social policy, and gender equality project. Ms. Primmer holds a Masters degree in International Affairs from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and French from Duquesne University.

Jonathan Greenhill

(United Kingdom), joined BIAC in March 2008. His policy areas of responsibility include economic policy, finance, emerging economies (including China and Africa), development, food and agriculture, education and water. His responsibilities also include coordinating policy papers for  BIAC’s annual Liaison Committee Meeting (LCM) with OECD Ambassadors, and BIAC's participation in the OECD annual Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM). Mr. Greenhill holds a Masters degree in European Studies from both Sciences Po Paris and the University of Bath, and also a Master of Arts Honours degree in Geography from the University of St. Andrews.

Ali Karami-Ruiz

(Mexico), joined BIAC in October 2013. He manages BIAC’s activities in the areas of trade, health care policy, governance, energy, technology, biotechnology, SMEs, raw materials, the Middle East and North African region, and Russia. Mr. Karami-Ruiz holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs from the Institut de Hautes Etudes Internationales in Geneva, Switzerland as well as a degree in French and International Studies from Davidson College in the United States.

Maud Garnier

Maud Garnier (France) joined BIAC in January 2013 as BIAC Communications Manager in charge of BIAC’s external and internal communications, press relations, member relations, and organization of high-level BIAC events. Maud holds a degree in French and German law from Paris University as well as a degree in International Trade from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences-Po).

Marie-Thérèse Dos Reis

A member of BIAC's support staff since February 1977. Ms. Dos Reis handles BIAC's accounting, general assembly, liaison meeting, executive board meeting and OECD Ministerial preparation, assists the Secretary General and provides administrative and web support for work in the areas of economic policy, finance, emerging economies, trade, export credits, public governance, food and agriculture, and development.

Salette Bellavoine

Ms. Bellavoine joined the BIAC Secretariat in October 1977. She is responsible for logistical co-ordination, office administration, computer system coordination and she manages BIAC's website and database. She provides administrative backup and web support for the following policy groups: bribery and corruption, corporate governance, employment, labour and social affairs, education, gender equality project, health care, private pensions, and taxation and fiscal policy and all associated groups.

Nathalie Mazier

Ms. Mazier arrived at BIAC in April 1997. She oversees BIAC's distribution of OECD publications and documents, handles the recruitment of interns and provides administrative backup and web support for the following policy groups: biotechnology, chemicals and its networks, competition, energy, environment, climate change, waste management, information, computer and communications policy, consumer policy, IPR, investment, nanotechnology, raw materials, SMEs, technology.



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